Phantom Rescue is a 911 Force that deploys globally to recover children that have been taken for Human Trafficking and impede the underground industry that enables it.

The Phantom Rescue Team is an elite group of retired and former military professionals that have come together for a single cause – the recovery of abducted children from Human Trafficking.

Phantom Rescue’s Operational Expertise comes from its Team’s specialized experience of Former U.S. Special Operations & Law Enforcement. Phantom Rescue’s Recovery team has unparalleled tactical training with experience in conventional and Special Operations ranging from Humanitarian Relief, Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Assistance, Crisis Management, and Combat Operations. Each team member brings their own unique skill set to every rescue.

We have been rescuing children since 2007 and now we have elected to come out of the shadows of silence and formally announce Phantom Rescue and our mission.

Our story began when we took an oath to protect and defend our country. We believe destiny has brought our team together to tackle one of the greatest injustices known to mankind. Now, it is our unwavering vision to utilize our years of Specialized Training and experience to Locate, Rescue, and Return those children taken for Human Trafficking.

Our Mission: END Child Trafficking

We have been rescuing children since 2007 and we need your help to continue the mission against one of the greatest injustices known to mankind. Now, with the help and determination of our Sponsors,  it is our unwavering vision to utilize our years of specialized training and experience to Locate, Rescue & Return children abducted into trafficking.

Phantom Rescue conducts global education & marketing campaigns on human trafficking to raise awareness, strengthen local support groups, and reinforce knowledge of local law enforcement & other community service organizations.

Phantom Rescue provides an active conduit for global collaboration and communication by establishing partnerships with in-country resources, creating host nation hotlines and rescue houses, and lobbying the United Nations’ offices.

Phantom Rescue conducts direct rescues with the support of the local law enforcement, country government and/or with United Nations approval.

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