To all that wish to Save Our Children:

Today we are Launching Two Education and Awareness Campaigns!  Please take a moment and read our message, view our pictures, and watch the video.  We need your Support to send this email to EVERYONE that you know.

Your Support is Critical!  

The First Campaign is in the Magnificent New York City’s Times Square with our New Awareness Video…we are live in NYC!  Thanks to FATCAT.MEDIA and  Superior Digital Displays, we hope to wake up the world.  This effort is to STOP the abduction of Children for the Trafficking Industry.  You can view the Time Square Video at www.PhantomRescue.Org  #StopChildTrafficking 


The Second Campaign is our Social Media Surge for everyone to Become a Phantom Hero and a Proud Member of the 100,000 Strong Campaign. This effort is to Support us in the Rescue and Recovery of the Children that have already been abducted.   #SaveOurChildren 

Again, these efforts are meant to Provide Education and Awareness to Prevent the Abduction of our Children AND to Support Rescuing those children already abducted!

Thank You,
Phantom Rescue 

#StopChildTrafficking      #SaveOurChildren