Breaking the Pipeline of Child Trafficking

Education and awareness are critical factors for breaking the pipeline of child trafficking. It is only by understanding the motivations of criminals that we begin to see the path to defeating it. Child Trafficking is a business, and that there is a process of making children a product, and the more we understand, the more effective we become in defeating it. It is essential that we teach our children the dangers and traps of these criminal enterprises so that they can better protect themselves and the people around them. Below is a list of steps that can support this mission.

  • Education & Awareness
  • Start a community group
  • Hold an event to raise awareness
  • Lobby local Policymakers and schools to include modern slavery in their curricula
  • Be a conscientious and informed consumerYour Content Goes Here
  • Make a “Human Trafficking” talk a mandatory talk to have with your kids-like the “sex talk” or the “drug talk.”
  • Asking your child to set their photos on the highest level of internet security so that strangers cannot download their images
  • Allowing you to be friends with them on their social media sites
  • Having them tell you if someone suggests that they send sexy or provocative photos or if someone offers them a job or travel opportunity
  • Develop a level of two-way confidence with your children to have a “Contract” with them to know what they know to keep them SAFE
  • Talking to you if they receive sexual images or other inappropriate links from another person.
  • Sleeps with their phone
  • Wearing clothes that you did not buy them
  • A sudden negative change in grades
  • A lot of adults you do not know on their social media
  • Expressing feelings of self-hate or worthlessness
  • Sudden change in fashion (more provocative)
  • Having a significantly older boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Acting secretive; defensive to questions
  • Always on their phone and refuses to take breaks
  • Sudden poor hygiene, multiple STIs / STDs
  • Will not disclose information about who their friends are or where they have been

Many parents are often in denial. “This cannot happen to us” can be a dangerous assumption. Communication and education are the best deterrence of child trafficking.

In many cases, Children are utterly unaware of the circumstances or tactics that criminals use and can be easily manipulated into dangerous situations as a result.

Understanding the Types of Risk

#1 High Risk:

    • Bad Environment
    • Bad Family
    • Bad Location
    • SFF
    • SFD
    • SFS


#2 Community:

  • Social Media
  • Naive/Never Happen to me
  • Gaming/Chat Rooms
  • Mall
  • School
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • Beach

#3 Targeted:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Color Hair
  • Skin Tone
  • Braces
  • Tan
  • Looks Younger
  • Looks Older

Child trafficking occurs in a wide variety of industries and can be facilitated in numerous ways.

  • Restaurants         
  • Brothels
  • Bars             
  • Strip clubs
  • Prostitution & escort
  • Avoiding eye contact, fearful
  • Signs of substance use & Addiction
  • poor hygiene, malnourished
  • Isn’t sure which city or town they’re in
  • Strange Tattoos of Initials, Crown or word “DADDY”
  • Does not speak for themselves
  • Trust your intuition. If you see something, say something