The fight
to End Child

Thousands of children are trafficked right here in the United States. These kids are not criminals, they are victims. Anyone’s child can be trafficked regardless of class, education or gender when forcefully coerced or lured by false promises.

A 32+ Billion Dollar Industry

Child victims of trafficking are recruited, transported, transferred, harbored and/or received for the purpose of exploitation. They may be forced to work in sweatshops, on construction sites, in houses as domestic servants, on the streets as child beggars, in wars as child soldiers, on farms, in traveling sales crews, or in restaurants and hotels. Some are forced to work in brothels and strip clubs or for escort and massage services.

  • Human Trafficking is a $32,000,000,000 a year Industry

  • 27,000,000 people are affected by Human Trafficking

  • 1,000,000 children exploited by the international sex trade

  • There are 300,000+ underage girls being sold for sex in America

  • 800,000 people trafficked across international borders yearly

  • 1 out of 5 pornographic images is of a child

  • Over 100,000 websites offer child pornography

  • The average age of entry into prostitution is 12-14 years old

  • 70% of female victims are trafficked into the sex trade

  • On average, sex trafficking victims are sold 10-15 times a day