Today marks a new day for Phantom Rescue in the battle against child trafficking, as we proudly launch our new website and logo.  Hopefully, these changes will elevate our image and ability to grab people’s attention to match the evolution Phantom Rescue has been undergoing for the past few months.

For those who have known Phantom Rescue over the years, you have seen us move out of the shadows and into the light these past few months.  Some of you have asked “why,” but many have asked “why so late.”  Frankly, those asking “why so late” are correct and the underlying reason is why we have made the change.

While we are proud of the work we have done since our humble beginning in 2007, we realized that we must do more.  Even if we rescue 50 children each year, the statistics show that thousands more will be thrown into child trafficking during that same year’s time.  Let that sink in a minute.  This is a problem that cannot be solved by just bringing the children home; preventing the children from being taken in the first place is the only way to solve it.

Doing more requires growing and spreading awareness; Phantom Rescue cannot do that by staying in the shadows.  This is why you have seen us with a much larger public presence on social media and at events all across Florida.  We aim to continue this growth across the nation as we spread awareness and ramp up our resources to rescue more children.  We hope our new image and strategy enables us to reach more people, particularly ones that do not even know child-trafficking exists.

While we will work to spread awareness through our own platforms as well as many partner organizations, we will continue rescuing innocent child victims around the world.  The fact is bad people have existed since the dawn of time and will continue till the end.  As such, we will continue to apply our resources and expertise in bringing these victims home because they all deserve freedom and a chance to be a happy child that grows into a contributing member of society.  Awareness and prevention will change the statistics of this atrocity, but we must try our best to bring the victims home; we owe it to them.  And if not Phantom Rescue, then who…

Welcome to the new Phantom Rescue.