In 2005, three freshly retired soldiers from the United States Army Special Operations Command decided to team up to recover children from the sex trafficking industry.

On the day of their retirement, the three Special Operations Soldiers drove out the front gate of MacDill Air Force Base for the last time and went to dinner. They reflected on the past and discussed the prospects of what their next career might be and in time would be absolutely amazed at what would become the next chapter in their lives.

During dinner, they looked up at the TV and the headline on the news was human trafficking, “the human and sex trafficking industry is a $30-billion-dollar industry and cannot be stopped”. The dinner conversation turned to the discussions of the tragedies that they had witnessed throughout the world, in places like Rwanda, Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Chechnya.  Human Trafficking was one of those many tragedies. The discussion continued about the rapid growth of the industry and its reach to the US.

At this point, they collectively agreed to spend the remainder of their lives fighting the child sex trafficking industry – a fight that can be won.

Special Operations Soldiers

It was clear to them that the motivation and commitment that faithfully carried them through their careers would now be able to carry them through the next chapter in life. Their background as Special Operations Soldiers in the Armed Forces, fighting wrongdoing and evil all over the globe, gave them the confidence and skill set to tackle this problem.

The three friends also believed the taxpayers of America had invested a lot of money into their training over their 25 year careers and it was time to pay it back. They felt compelled to continue their dedication to the country through fighting a cause that affected Americans everywhere, including the most precious ones… our children.

For the next two years, they spent their time and resources to build an organization to combat the child sex trade industry. In 2007, they unveiled the Phantom Rescue, Inc. non-profit organization designed to deploy professionally trained teams to travel globally to find children that have been abducted into the sex trafficking industry and bring them home.

Human Trafficking was still growing at an alarming rate. Phantom rescued 49 trafficked children internationally and brought them home but needed additional help. Their mission had expanded from more than just recovery and rescue of children from the sex trafficking industry to also include education, awareness, and deterrence.

The three men decided to stop operating in the shadows in 2013 and form alliance with every possible Anti-Trafficking Non-Profit that would join in this fight and support every government agency at Local, State, Federal, and International level to concentrate on alliances across the global anti-human trafficking community to formally collaborate and build a coalition.  That coalition will provide a cultural shift in education, awareness, and deterrence to end the “taking: of our children.

Phantom Rescue’s alliance with 20 medical and social services facilities is key to physical, mental and emotional recovery of these children.   We are not stopping at 20!

Phantom Rescue’s highest priority is to bring home our children of the world and assist in restoring their lives and families.